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The Benefits of Buying a Titanium Watch as a Gift Item

Posted on 14 September 2017

Many people do not have a clear idea about what titanium watch is. They only think it is another watch which is made of stainless steel. However, it is not the case. There may be imitation items, but the original branded titanium watches are made of pure and sturdy titanium.

As you all know, titanium is one of the strongest metals in the world with 30% more durability than steel, but just about 50% lighter to it. Titanium is the metal used by NASA to make parts of space craft for its strength and light weight.

The premium sports watches and diving watches are now made of titanium. Only one downside many users found is that titanium is prone to sustaining scratches, but these are durable. If you are planning to choose s men, women, or unisex watch as a gift or for personal use, these are the advantages of selecting a titanium watch.

  1. There are plenty of styles to choose

Most of the models available in various brands of titanium watches are for men, but there are also adorable collections for women. Another category of titanium watches which everyone likes now is unisex watches. The styles of watches range from, but not limited to sports watches, diver watches, pilot watches, to most standard dressy watches. Some of the models are with bezels inlaid and with zirconium or diamonds.

A few good choices in budget-friendly unisex titanium watches are as below.

Midsize Boccia Titanium Watch 3143-02

Buy @ $125.00 USD

Midsize Boccia Titanium Watch 3154-03

Buy @ $95.00 USD

Unisex Boccia Titanium Watch 3188-01

Buy @ $135.00 USD

Unisex Boccia Titanium Watch 3188-02

Buy @ $145.00 USD

You can visit for a unique models and online purchase of latest and fashionable men, women, and unisex titanium watches.

  1. Much lighter compared to other metal watches

Many of the old-generation diver and sports watches were so bulky and cumbersome due to using metals like stainless steel. However, many of the new model watches are now made with titanium cases and straps, which makes them feel so light on the wrist, significantly 45% lighter. Women also prefer more luminous watches much now. If you have a preference to wear a lighter and comfortable watch,  it is ideal to go ahead with titanium.

  1. Ideal for athletes and divers

As it is lightweight, titanium watches are the favorite of all kind of athletes and sportsmen. Titanium is also highly corrosion resistant and can also resist heavy salt water corrosion, which makes it ideal divers' watch. Water resistance of titanium varies from 200 meters to 1000 meters.

  1. Unique and custom made

As titanium is a tough metal, the case and chain cannot be directly stamped with molds in an assembly line fashion. Each piece is meticulously drilled and machined to get the desired finish. This why you find each titanium watch having a unique design as well as durability.

As there are plenty of models and varieties in titanium watches, one can also easily find a style for any budget and taste.

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