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Boccia: A New Name In The Realm Of Titanium Rings

Posted on 31 July 2017

Your wedding ring should be as strong as your relationship. Gold and silver may have been the traditional wedding band metals. However, titanium is slowly but steadily capturing the attention of the modern jewelry aficionados. Titanium jewelry from Boccia has made its way to the global fine jewelry scene.

From engagement rings for men to wedding bands for the couple, the Boccia titanium rings are defining the confluence of modern design and durability. These ring designs are suitable for regular wear, office wear, formal events and special occasions. Their tenacious nature makes them resistant to standard wear and tear. You can forget the fear of losing a set gemstone or scratching up your ring forever with titanium base metal.

Hypoallergenic: gentle on your skin

You will not have to worry about your fiancé's sensitive skin with titanium. This metal is hypoallergenic. Even the most sensitive skin can stay happy with its inert nature. Titanium in rings does not have any impurities. Nickel is the most common impurity in gold and silver. It causes almost 100% of metal allergies in people. Since titanium does not need help from other metals for gaining tensile strength, it is pure and completely safe even for kids. 

Toughest and the best

Titanium is one of the hardest metals known to man. If you were worried about your heirloom gemstone falling off an old piece, you could get it set on a titanium ring. Diamonds are a common choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. It is much easier to get insurance coverage for your gemstone if you set it on a hard metal like titanium. It provides the security every jewelry lover needs. The best part is, if you have scuffed the surface, you can remove the marks with a dry cleaning sponge or a hard eraser.

Titanium is in vogue, and we cannot help it!

Titanium jewelry is making all jewelry shoppers swoon. Not only do they sport a variety of designs, but they are also easily matted. This makes titanium one of the most popular metals in the ornaments market right now. Titanium is a smart investment. Just like gold and platinum, they fall in the category of fine jewelry. Brushed surface designs with inlays are also achievable in titanium.

Engraving can take some time

Engraving is a challenge in titanium rings. The metal is so hard that making a mark on the surface is extremely difficult. If you want to engrave names, dates or special notes mention it to your jeweler in advance. Expert craftsmen will likely use a laser to etch your message inside the ring or on top of it. Imprinting your SO’s fingerprint on your engagement ring or wedding ring is the most recent trend. The durability of titanium makes sure you can forever preserve the touch of love on your finger.

Picking rings for your special someone can be difficult, especially if either one of you is the outdoorsy type. Titanium brings a new promise of uncompromised fun with the longevity and duration. Check out the latest designs on and avail the best offers today!

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