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Guide to Buying Men's Watches - Few Essentials to Keep in Mind!

Posted on 24 October 2017

When it comes to buying a men's watch for your own use or gifting, one may inevitably be overwhelmed to see the unlimited number of options to choose from. There are many new designs, vintage varieties, classic pieces in a myriad of colors, dials, metals, mechanisms out there to choose from.

In this article series discussing men's watches, we will try to showcase where and how a consumer needs to consider a perfect watch to buy. As a conventional practice, many of the buyers just go by the advice of a jeweler or the sales buy at a consignment store, but this may not always be your obvious choice to end up with. Let's explore some watch buyer's best tips here.

Don’t buy it on Impulse

If you are planning to a get remarkable piece of technology and artwork, the first rule is not to buy anything on impulse, especially when you are a retail store with enough resources to prompt you. It is a good idea to take time browse through all options and try out things before you buy. Being the buyer, you have all privileges to make your own informed decision.

Online purchase is also a good idea to try out, but one thing to be sure about is the authenticity of the sellers. You can trust the branded online such as for watch and jewelry.

Don’t judge by appearance

The appearance of a watch is undoubtedly important, but buying decision should not be solely on the aesthetics, but for its quality and functionality too. Even when at a store, you can make use of the online resources to see the reviews and user experience feedback about various models to take a decision.

Have a plan

It is ideal to have a list of your own preferences and expectations from a watch before heading to the store or searching online for planning your purchase better. Have a clear understanding about where to wear it, how often you wear it, to what environments and scenarios it gets exposed to. On the other hand, have an idea about the materials you prefer, the ideal dial size and shape, and strap design. Most importantly, do have a set budget limit for the purchase to get an ideal one for you.

Some top choices of the best men’s titanium watches online are;

Midsize Boccia Titanium Watch – Model No# 3143-02

Price: $125

Midsize Boccia Titanium Watch - Model No# 3154-03

Price: $95

Unisex Boccia Titanium Watch – Model No# 3188-01

Price: $135

Mens Boccia Titanium Watch – Model No# 3512-08

Price: $145

Mens Boccia Titanium Watch – Model No# 3529-02

Price: $235

Mens Boccia id Titanium Watch – Model No# 3535-01

Price: $145

Mens Boccia id. Titanium Watch – Model No# 3535-02

Price: $145

Boccia Titanium Watch - Model No# 3535-38

Price: $145

Mens Boccia Titanium Watch – Model No# 3544-02

Price: $65

Along with these, there are plenty of other options too available on the official online store of Boccia. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to make use of the configurator tool custom design your dream watch by choosing appropriate dials, subdials, handles, strap in various materials and colors. This customization can be done online itself, and the order will be delivered at your doorstep. You can explore more options at

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