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Learn These Guiding Principles on How To Buy a Quality Watch!

Posted on 21 October 2017

Today, there are many different types of clothing accessories that you can buy. There are some for men and others for women. Men have less choice when it comes to accessories. This is because they can only wear cufflinks, watches and their wedding rings as accessories. Therefore, they have much less in terms of opportunity to decorate themselves. However, they can capitalize on the watch. Nowadays, a man's wristwatch does a lot more than just tell the time. It can be used to tell the date, act as a stopwatch and even tell the moon phases. In addition to that, it is symbol of personality and indicates one's individual style. Here are some steps to help you buy a quality watch.

Learn about the characteristics of high quality watches

It pays to learn about watches before you go ahead to buy one for yourself. You can learn about them by taking the time to explore horology. This is the industry of constructing watches. For more than a hundred years, the makers of watches have mastered the art of making watches that will outlive their owners by a long time. There are high quality watches that you can buy today and they will last for much longer than you expected. Learn about these types of quality watches. In addition to that, discover some of the high quality brands in the market such as Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Patel Philippe and even Breitling. Educate yourself about how to spot a quality watch. In addition to that, learn how you can take care of your high quality watch after you buy it. There is a wealth of information in websites about watches all over the Internet. This information is highly valuable to you when learning about watches.

Comprehend how to find the true value of a watch

The price of aminimalist watchplays a huge part when deciding if you will buy it. Interestingly, the price does not indicate the true value of a watch. This is a completely different concept. How do you identify the true value? This is done through a simple calculation. This calculation involves three different characteristics. They include:

  • How frequently you intend to use the watch
  • How you feel when you use it
  • The price of the watch itself

To find out the true value of a watch to you, simply multiply how frequently you will use it by the feelings that you get when you use it. After that, you divide the product by the price of the watch. This will give you a value that accurately indicates the value of the watch before you buy it.

Learn about the protection that you enjoy as a buyer

Today, you can buy almost anything on the Internet. Before you do, it is important to vet the reputations of the dealer and the company that is selling you the watch before you commit to a purchase. Some of these dealers have been in the industry for a long time. Others are new. When you are buying a watch from a new buyer, ensure that you go through their testimonials first. Read through their presence on social media. In addition to that, read through their responses to customers and you can even ask your own questions. Some dealers are very reliable. They can replace the watch that you buy if it arrives and it has manufacturing defects.

One way to discover a watch dealer who is legitimate is to go through their warranty statements. These statements indicate the length of a warranty after you buy a watch from them. They also indicate the problems that are covered by the warranty. As you purchase a quality watch on the Internet, make sure you get value for your money. Remember your knowledge about how to identify quality watches so that you don't buy a watch that is fake. The business of watches is plagued by counterfeits. Therefore, ensure you buy yours from a dealer who is legitimate and authorized to sell the units by the manufacturer.

Learn how watches are categorized according to their prices

There ae different categories of watches today. They are distinguished from each other by their prices. Any watch that costs less than $250 is considered a consumer watch. It is simply a fashion watch and it may break after a few years so when you buy a watch at this price point, don't invest too much emotion in it. A watch that costs less than $1000 is considered a statement piece. This is a watch that indicates that you are willing to spend good money to a watch. You can think of it as the gateway into fine watches. Those that cost between $1000 and $10,000 are big brand, luxurious watches. Chronographs, minute-repeaters and even tourbillion watches fall into this category. If you can afford a watch in this class, then you can be sure that you have made it in life. Those that cost more than $10,000 are super luxury timepieces. It is not uncommon to find them having diamonds and other precious stones in the watch face. These are often not publicly available. They are sold in private auctions or made to order.


These guidelines will help you to buy the right watch for you. A watch is a real investment. It will cost you money and it had better be worth your time. Ensure that you buy one that will satisfy you and give you long years of dedicated service.

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