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The 5 Types of Watches That You Need To Create a Collection!

Posted on 21 October 2017

One if the most important parts of a man's wardrobe is his watches. These are the tools that he uses to tell the time. Depending on how complicated they are, these watches can also tell the date and maybe even moon phases. Watches are the main accessory for men. Unlike women, men don't have the luxury of wearing many different accessories whenever they want. Therefore, their choice is limited to watches, cufflinks and maybe wedding bands. Out of these, the watches can be as expensive and showy as one need. Moreover, they can be bought to make a collection. Here are the watches that every man needs so as to make up an ideal collection.

The dress watch with a black strap made of leather

Every man will attend a number of formal events during his life. Examples of these are business meetings, weddings and even funerals. For these events, the best watch is one that has a classy face and a black leather strap. This type of watch is first of all very classic. The design of a metal bezel and a leather strap goes back decades and is widely accepted to be immensely masculine. It is also simple and elegant. As long as the watch face is only moderately decorated, then the black strap watch is elegant overall. When you wear a watch with the black leather strap, make sure that you match it with your belt and your shoes. They must be black in color as well. This type of watch will go with literally any color of outfit. However, it is best worn with outfits that have dark shades.

A dress watch with a brown leather strap

Do you want to look elegant and business-ready while still maintaining a casual demeanor? Then this is the minimalist watch to wear. A brown leather strap watch is much less official than one with a black strap. It is perfect for the business-casual look. When you are attending events that are have less formality, this is the watch that you should wear. The brown leather strap watch can go with a variety of outfits. It can fit in with completely casual clothes or light colored suits. When wearing this type of watch, let the colors of your outfit be light ones such as beige, grey and light blue. Once again, ensure that you match the color of your belt and your shoes with that of your brown leather strap watch. Brown is a tricky color to work with because it has various shades. Examples of these are coffee, walnut, tan, light and deep brown. As such, ensure that your belt and shoes match the brown on your watch as closely as possible.

The diver's watch

This is a classic yet sporty watch. Characterized by a bezel that rotates, that is a watch that divers normally use to tell how long they have been underwater. It also helps them to determine how many minutes of oxygen they have left. They are high performance units that have a utilitarian design. They look extremely rugged and are often quite large in size. The bezel rotates to assist the diver to set the watch. In most cases, diver's watches are made of stainless steel and have a strap made of the same material. A splendid example of this type of watch is the Rolex Submariner. Needless to say, the diver's watch is normally water resistant to hundreds of meters deep. This watch can be worn with any outfit. It even looks superb when worn with a suit. Since it is shiny steel in color, it looks especially beautiful with dark colored suits.

A sports watch with a rubber strap

There are as many different designs of sports watches as there are sports in the world. These are fully utilitarian units that are designed to offer data assistance to athletes in different sports. They can track movement, store data, present it, tell the date, the time and temperature as well as other unique functions. These watches are normally large and have thick rubber straps. They are ideally worn with casual outfits. Not only are they supremely light, they are extremely rugged and will survive a beating.

Casual watches for everyday wear

This is a simple type of watch that has a nylon or canvas strap. It is highly appropriate for casual events and weekends too. You can wear it when you are up-to some everyday activities such as cleaning, running errands or even going out for lunch or partying with your friends. You can wear this type of watch to the office too. It can be used to downplay your otherwise highly formal outfit.


With these five different types of watches on your collection, you are all set for the world. There is one for every activity that you could be involved in. Moreover, when you buy high quality ones, they will last a lifetime.

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