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Your Key To Intense Style and Sophistication - Titanium Watches

Posted on 31 July 2017

Today Titanium watches are trendy and sought after by both men and women alike. Now the obvious question arises in your mind, what makes these watches so popular when it comes to style and fashion? These watches have been exquisitely designed not only for show but are multi-functional and durable too!

Titanium- One of the strongest alloys in the world

Titanium is one of the most lasting and most robust watches produced in the world. There are trendy Titanium watch models like the Seiko and Citizen models that are resistant to scratches. They are endowed with a special IP treatment that makes them resistant to scratches as the alloy is heated to a temperature that is above 2000 Celsius and subsequently treated with electron beams. This helps the alloy bond well, and it becomes durable and resistant to chips and scratches.

A Sneak Peek- The first Titanium Watch appeared in 1970

The Citizen X8 Chronometer was the world's first Titanium watch introduced in 1970. The next generation of Titanium watches was later manufactured by Seiko and Citizen. They were five times more durable and harder over stainless steel and more than 40% more lighter. Over the years, Titanium Watches have become popular for both men and women alike. There are unisex models, and you can check out some of the latest yet attractive Titanium watch models for both men and women here at

Titanium Watches versus Stainless Steel Watches

Titanium watches are much lighter and durable over stainless steel watches. If you go by the latest trends, you will find that the stylish models are bulky in looks. Sporting such a model can be cumbersome if it is manufactured in stainless steel. However, if the same model is made of Titanium, it is much lighter in weight. Some people are allergic to nickel in stainless steel. So, when you choose a Titanium watch for your needs, it is lighter, durable and does not trigger off any allergies in you at all.

Do Titanium Watches have any disadvantages?

When it comes to the use of Titanium watches, they are durable and sturdy. They may appear heavy at first-sight. However, they are light and convenient to wear on your wrist. In the past, it was expensive to repair Titanium Watches however now thanks to the latest technology and developments in the market, the costs of repairs if needed are affordable. However, whenever, you do need to fix your watch made of titanium, ensure that you invest in a skilled and experienced professional.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that Titanium Watches are better than stainless steel variants available in the market. If you check the range and style of Titanium watches today, you will find there is a model for everyone. These watches are trendy to the sport and mighty functional too-if you are looking for top quality and stylish watches for your needs, check out our latest range of titanium watches for men and women at

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